Gary Gao 温哥华房地产经纪人 持牌建筑商


Welcome to Gary Gao’s Website. Here you’ll find listings for sale, recent sales and resources to assist you with your real estate needs. Gary Gao 温哥华房产经纪. Gary Gao, 温哥华房地产经纪 Gary. 大温哥华地区房地产金牌代理. 买房,卖房,选Gary Gao作代理是您成功的保证!大温地区地产局2010&2011年金牌地产经纪奖. 荣获Sutton公司2010&2011年白金大奖. 毕业于清华建筑系;获澳洲新南威尔士大学硕士.

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阿标特斯走廊清场 华社忧铁路重开影响地价

太平洋铁路公司(CP Rail)要求回收位于温西阿标特斯走廊(Arbutus Corridor)上的铁路,华裔担心重开铁路影响居住环境,地产经纪则认为华裔不喜紧邻铁路的房屋,铁路一旦重开,四周楼价恐受到巨大冲击。 太平洋铁路公司(CP Rail)要求回收位于温西阿标特斯走廊(Arbutus…
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加国豪宅太“便宜” 市场持续火爆

加拿大商业网站近日公布全国各大城市顶级富人区排名,盘点了最新一期的全国最富裕的25个社区。八卦的专家们又根据这一数据,对这些豪宅区的房价和住在豪宅里的富人们的平均收入进行了比较,很惊奇的发现这一比率比本国的普通人社区还要低得多。 换句话说,本国的豪宅价格仍处于“便宜”的水平,看起来本国豪宅在未来一段时间内有望保持红火。 *普通人房价是收入5.3倍 加拿大家园论坛…
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Triovest Realty’s food bank sculpture inspired by Daft Punk

This Canstruction entry was inspired by Daft Punk’s hit Around the World.
Triovest Realty Advisors, a national commercial real estate investment and management company, completed its premier entry in Canstruction Vancouver 2014 recently. A team made up of volunteers from Triovest, PCI Group, Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership (MCMP) and Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. (RJC) completed a Daft Punk-inspired sculpture.
Over 20 teams of professional designers, architects and engineers battled it out to complete magnificent, larger-than-life sculptures in just seven hours, using only canned food and their imagination. Once the sculptures were taken down, all of the food was donated to the Greater …read more

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A most interesting sales rep

By Carl Walwyn
I was driving downtown in Basseterre on the tiny island of St. Kitts when I was stopped by a man dressed in white.
“Walwyn?” he asked. “Carl Walwyn?” I immediately recognized this man as someone from my youth. I had not been back to the island for about 15 years but “Cooper” as I knew him was already an icon.
I had heard that he had already reached the equivalent of the Re/Max 100 per cent club for that year. This was in 1990 when that money could actually buy stuff. Further, it was in U.S. dollars and he did …read more

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Pinterest for real estate sales reps

By Amanda Ross
Social networking just keeps getting better, right? From Facebook (the high school reunion) to Twitter (keep it short and move on) to…drum roll…Pinterest, love for the eyeballs and the fastest growing social network.
As we have all heard, women tend to be the ones who make the home-buying decision and today there are more single women than ever. And, guess what network they love? You got it. Pinterest rules here.
Caution: Pinterest is highly addictive, especially when combined with a blank idea board and a coffee.
Here are some tips about using Pinterest:
Don’t do it yourself (unless you’re awesome): Have a …read more

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OREA to poll public twice a year

The Ontario Real Estate Association recently introduced The Ontario Home Ownership Index. This initiative is designed to aid members in learning more about the public’s views on the real estate market across the province. Public opinion polling will be conducted among Ontario consumers twice a year to explore opinions of the real estate market, the value of home ownership, intentions to buy and sell real estate, housing trends and more, the association says.

The Ontario Home Ownership Index is a province-wide research survey conducted by a Ipsos Reid. The benchmark wave of the index, conducted in fall 2013, was set to …read more

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Don Kottick joins Peerage Realty Partners

Don Kottick
Don Kottick has been appointed executive vice-president, corporate development at Peerage Realty Partners.
Kottick was most recently president of Right At Home Realty and held vice-president positions at Royal LePage and the Toronto Real Estate Board. Peerage Realty is a partner of Chestnut Park Real Estate, serving the luxury-home market and the Christie’s affiliate for Toronto, and Baker Real Estate, which deals with new home development and condominium sales and marketing.

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